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What can you do here? Here are some local activities

Kudowa Park

Hiking straight from the cabin in Darnkow on the tourist trails is best of all, however if you feel like a change there is plenty to do nearby.

15 min drive will take you to Kudowa Zdrój – one of the oldest European spa towns where heart and circulatory system diseases were cured. The downtown area features a park styled on 17th century revival, with exotic plants and a mineral water pump room. You can enjoy restaurants, cafes in a good style, swimming pools.

The town has several historical and heritage sites such as the Chapel of Skulls within the Czermna district of Kudowa, an ossuary containing the bones or skeletal remains of thousands. It is one of six of its kind in Europe. Another site is the Basilica of Wambierzyce, nicknamed “Silesian Jerusalem”, and one of the most popular Catholic pilgrimage destinations in Poland.

Chapel of skullsMust visit – top sites in Table Mountains :

The highest peak of the range is Szczeliniec Wielki at 919 m . The trail seems alive and magical with erosion sculptured magnificent rock forms.  It is a crevice 100 meters long and about 20 meters deep with specific microclimate characteristic of low temperature and high air humidity. Absolutely amazing !!!

Errant Rocks (Błędne Skały) is a labyrinth of crevices and recesses, sometimes very narrow, separating several meters high rock blocks. Just like in “Chronicles of Narnia” – Magical.

These and many other places are extremely attractive to kids as they open their imagination and creativity. Most of the trails are relatively short and easy to people of all ages. Rewarding breath taking views make your efforts pleasurable and relaxing.

Cycling and cross-country skiing can be very entertaining. Rent a bike here


Rock climbing is allowed in places appointed by the regulation concerning availability and the usage of natural resources in the Stolowe Mts National Park. See more

For skiing and snowboarding: there are 21 km of slopes available in Zieleniec Ski Resort. 28 lifts transport the guests. The winter sports area is situated between the elevations of 811 and 1,025 m. Skiing in Zieleniec (20 min drive from our cottage) is very popular. Zieleniec Ski Arena is the capital of alpine skiing in the Kłodzko region. They offer very attractive skiing trails but the place is quite busy or coming back to a quiet cabin in Darnkow will repair your body and spirits.

poolHot in the summer your body needs a swim. Why not visiting Aquapark in Kudowie Zdrój one day or nearby lakes in the Czech Republic like Spinka (23km from the cabin) or Lake Rozkos (30km from our cabin).

Darnkow is a perfect set off for the Czech Republic. You could make a day trip to  Adrspach (30km from the cottage) or Safari Park  and the ZOO in Dvur Kralowe .

Visiting picturesque Prague is a must see, but that is easy on the way to our cabin or coming back to an airport or western Europe.

A lot to see, a lot to do. Don’t forget to rest … Darnkow lodge will give you a break – sitting in the cool shade of the hand-made porch, relaxing in the hammock, hiking in the quiet among the singing birds. Alone or accompanied by the ones you love. In your own rhythm, free of schedule.  Relaxed.

The place is attractive in any season! Visit us.

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