MonasteryDarnków [ˈdarnkuf] (German: Dörnikau) is a village at the top of a mountain in restricted area of the National Park. The other side makes the National Forests so it is perfectly open to nature with amazingly clean air and pure mountain streams. This creates a very special place with plenty of wildlife and especially rare, interesting birds.

Prior to 1945 it was in Germany. After World War II the region was placed under Polish administration according to the post-war Potsdam Agreement. The native German populace was expelled and replaced with Poles. About 70 families used to live in Darnkow before the war. Nowadays there are less than 20 people off season. However, you can see an old penitential cross, ruins of houses and cellars surrounded by many old fruit trees.

roe deer in the clearing lizard winter in Darnków

The tourist trail is 2 min from our cabin. This makes an excellent set off to wonderful walks without necessity of using a car.

The place is beautiful in every season.winter in gompa

Tourist trails  next to the cabin:

An easy walk to the buddhist centre is 7-10 min.

On foot to „Sawanna”45min.  Walking to Łąki Łężyckie 25min. Hiking to Fort Karola 1h 20min. Krucza kopa – 20min.

One can explore the area hiking around peacefully and independently. If you are looking for peace and quiet you will find it here in Darnkow. 

7 min stroll from our lodge there is a Buddhist centre, the main European center of Khordong and Jangter Buddhist Ningma traditions. Many lamas claim that this place has many extraordinary aspects and qualities to it. It is open to visitors and meditation adepts.

Spending time here can become a spiritual experience no matter which religion you follow.

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